Preparing your furnace to function optimally and efficiently for the winter season is essential. With the help of a heating repair in Kansas City, KS, you can winterize your furnace and ensure it will run smoothly throughout the season.  

Expert's guide to preparing the furnace system for winter

Remove the dust from the furnace system

A layer of dust gets collected on the top of the furnace unit and the components. It is better to take a cloth and a brush to clean the furnace system since the system can develop problems due to excessive dust which will affect the indoor air.

Replace the air filters

Air filters are responsible for circulating clean and healthy air in your household. Visit the nearest HVAC contractor in Kansas City to buy a new and effective air filter for your furnace system. It is quite easy to replace the air filter, so you do not need any expert’s help for air filter replacement. If your HVAC system has a humidifier, replacing it and setting the humidistat is better. 

Clean the heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is a fundamental component of the furnace system. First, when you open up the furnace system, check the condition of the heat exchanger. If there are any cracks or signs of damage, we suggest you consult a heater installation in Kansas City, KS. 

If everything looks in working order, take a brush and dust off the heat exchanger. Now, remove the fine dust particles with the help of a vacuum cleaner. 

Lubricate and clean the blower motor

The blower motor and fans help push the furnace system’s air. Firstly, you should go through the furnace manual to see if the unit needs oiling. If it does, you can purchase mechanical oil from the nearest HVAC store to lubricate the blower motor and fan.

There are oil ports through which you can lubricate the system. You have to remove the caps and lubricate the bearings.

Inspect the igniter switch

If you have an older model furnace, you might have to relight the pilot light. The latest models of furnaces have an electronic ignitor. If the ignitor is not working, reset the furnace system. Call for heating services in Kansas City, KS area, if the furnace does not ignite.  

Examine the chimney

If you see the chimney is dirty, call the technician to clean it. A dirty chimney has a higher potential of causing carbon monoxide leakage. At the same time, ensure the carbon monoxide detectors are in working order.

Switch on the thermostat

After all the cleaning and checking, it is time to switch on the thermostat and ensure the furnace is working appropriately. Contact a technician if the furnace doesn’t work properly.


It is best to prepare your furnace at the end of the autumn season. If you find an issue in the furnace functioning, you can quickly address the issue by contacting an experienced professionalCall 913-687-1494, and Delta T Heating and Cooling technicians will be on your doorstep in no time to fix the furnace system, including all HVAC services near you.