5 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Not everyone thinks of the inner workings of their home plumbing system until a significant problem arises. Many homeowners in Kansas City face drainage problems due to numerous factors. However, with the help of routine maintenance and by calling professionals for drain cleaning in Kansas City at a regular interval, you can easily limit a complete assortment of drainage problems such as blockages and waste system failure. 

Top Signs That You Require Drain Cleaning 

Your sewer system is the center of your family’s sanitation requirements. It enables you to shower, wash dishes, discard waste, and receive clean drinking water right from the faucet. However, what happens when your sewer unit is not working up to snuff? 

You might require to call up professionals from one of the most reliable plumbing companies to book a drain cleaning service. Mentioned below are five prominent signs that you need to get your drain lines cleaned. 

  • Slow Water Drain 

Your drain line is not running slower than usual for no reason. While there can be several factors responsible for a slow-flowing drain line, the most common one is the obstruction of the drain line due to some unwanted particles. 

Hair strands, soap, grease, and other external articles can usually generate clogs that develop over time, causing your drain lines to run slow. Hence, if this problem arises, never assume that it will get better on its own and immediately call experts for drain cleaning.

  • Strange Odours 

When you start smelling unpleasant stench coming from plumbing fixtures or drain lines inside your place, they are probably the effect of a plumbing or sewer issue. These smells could be drain gases or waste lying in your pipes and must be dispensed with right away by booking a service session from the best plumbers in Kansas City.

  • Regular Drain Clogs

Do not simply think it is a coincidence when you frequently require to unclog the bath or toilet drain. When you encounter recurring clogs, you are well on your way to facing a conceivably significant clog inside the drain lines of your home. Hence, rather than unclogging the drains yourself, it is best to allow the experts to handle this problem.

  • Gurgling Noises

Unusual noises do not always disturb you. However, a gurgling sound emanating from the bathroom or a sink drain should be a sign for you to take preventive measures. This unusual gurgling sound usually arises from a problem with airflow in the drain lines at your place.

  • Numerous Clogged Drains

When numerous fixtures and drain lines get clogged inside your place, you have got real problems. Multiple clogged drain lines are usually a hint of more prominent issues, such as the main drain line clog. Hence, you must always ensure to call up the plumbing experts immediately.

Clogged drain lines, if left unattended, can lead to numerous significant problems and costly repairs. Hence, it is always a good idea to schedule routine maintenance of your drain lines. 

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5 Common Reasons Your Bathtub Won’t Drain

Soaking ankle-deep in lukewarm bathtub water isn’t the most irritating thing we’ve ever done, but it’s up there definitely. To complicate things further, if your bathtub floods when it refuses to drain, the scenario can quickly escalate into a catastrophe. A clogged bathtub drain may be a major annoyance in the home.

Read on and find out the possible reasons. Also, see some solution tips to repair the situation before calling plumbing companies Kansas City – 

  • Soap Scum

Soap muck is a greasy residue formed when soap is combined with water and salts. It’s frequently left behind after each bath or shower, and it ultimately makes its way down the drain. As a buildup of filth, soap scum eventually accumulates in the bathtub drain. As the soap scum solidifies, it clogs the tub drain and prevents any liquid from draining.


A thorough cleaning operation, comprising warm water and baking soda, will be required to remove the residue. A water softener can be installed to assist in minimizing the quantity of soap scum.

  • Clogged Hair

Hair tends to gather in bathtub drains over time, eventually resulting in a complete blockage. It’s necessary to clear out the bathtub drain regularly because we shed hair naturally. If not addressed immediately, this might lead to more serious plumbing problems in the future. 


Gloves, long forceps, or needle-nose tweezers can be used to remove them. Don’t let all of it go down the drain. If grasping and extracting the hair seems impossible, seek assistance from the best plumbers in Kansas City.

  • Pipe Scale

The substance or mineral layer that develops up within pipes over time is referred to as pipe scale. Scale is formed when absorbed magnesium, calcium, and other metallic components are left behind as water runs through the pipes. This mineral build-up might be the source of your bathtub’s inability to drain correctly.


Fixing this drainage problem may be a difficult undertaking, despite how simple it may appear. It’s recommended to leave the work to the drain cleaning Kansas City.

  • Hard Water

The type of materials in tap water calcifies and creates a white substance. Minerals accumulate in your pipes, causing them to reduce in diameter and, in extreme cases, completely block them. The water passage via the bathtub drain is slowed as a result of this.


Because this chemical is hard to extract, you should enlist plumbing companies in Kansas City. The plumber will cleanse the drain with a detergent designed to eliminate mineral build-up from the system to unclog it swiftly. The plumber may recommend installing a water softener, which treats your water before it enters the bathtub drain, to alleviate this problem in the long run.

  • Dirt or Debris

When you step in to have a bath, nasty from just coming home after playing or working, all that sweat, body dirt, and physical mud get clogged in the drain. It blocks water from passing through.


Try cleaning off any physical dirt outside of the bathtub. Use baking soda and vinegar to clear off the drain.

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