6 Common Furnace Smells Explained

During extreme temperatures and sudden weather changes, HVAC systems help maintain comfort. Furnace systems are an affordable and efficient way to heat your home since they work efficiently and maintain the temperature indoors.

In any case, it is important to keep an eye on the furnace system to see if any issues are developing. Delaying and ignoring the repair service will only increase the damage, and your furnace might stop working as a result. That’s why Delta T Heating and Cooling furnace repair in Kansas City will help you detect the problems before they become a massive mess.

6 Common Furnace Smells

You won’t smell anything unpleasant if the furnace is operating normally. The heat exchanger, ductwork, and ignition system are covered in a thin layer of airborne debris from the HVAC system. As a result, when you turn on your furnace after a while, you might smell some dust burning in the HVAC system.

A household owner can detect what and where the issue is in the furnace system by smelling its odor. According to our experts at heating and air conditioning in Kansas City, here are some smells that every household owner should be aware of:

Burning Wires

Electrical circuit fires are common accidents, so be careful. Wires and rubber are not the only components of the furnace. Overheating causes the entire system to break down, releasing the smell of burning wire, metal, and plastic, indicating that your furnace needs professional repair.

Mold Outbreak

Due to the humidity inside the HVAC system, bacteria and mold thrive in the ducts. Without proper maintenance, regular inspection, and cleaning, this musty outbreak will spread and cause serious health problems. So if you smell something musty or damp around the furnace, don’t ignore it.


A slight smell of burning fuel is common in gas furnaces. The burners in the furnace might malfunction if there is a strong smell. An explosion can result from the accumulation of unburned fuel. A strong smell should be turned off from the furnace, and heating services should be called if it persists for a long period.

Gas Leak

A chemical odor is easy to detect, but gas leaks are equally dangerous. The heat exchanger pump or blower motor may leak gas if you smell something chemical and strong around your furnace or HVAC system. In the absence of timely precautions, these gasses can cause fatal accidents. You should contact a company like heat pump repair in Kansas City for assistance.

Dirty Socks Smell

Mold growth on the evaporator may be the cause. When moisture burns in wet coils, a smell like a dirty sock is generated. You can prevent this in your heat pump by cleaning and scheduling timely air duct cleaning. Mold growth restricts airflow and degrades air quality, so do not neglect it.


You should immediately check around your furnace if you smell burning or melting plastic. Someone may have mistakenly placed something made of plastic near the furnace. Kids and pets are often involved in this type of incident at home. Be careful not to touch the burnt plastic, and do not pick it up directly.

The Delta T Heating and Cooling technicians will help resolve furnace system issues. We will solve your problems quickly and find solutions to ensure they don’t happen again with the help of our skilled and certified technicians. Contact us today.