If you have a drain blockage, you may be coaxed to just get a store-bought drain cleaner to take care of the problem. This would be a big blunder. Store-bought drain cleaners solve the issue in the short term, but their long-term effects far outstrip any advantage they provide. 

If you want to ensure that your drains stay in decent condition for as long as possible, you should plan professional drain cleaning services. You can read on to find out more about why store-bought drain cleaners are such trouble for your pipes.


Most store-bought drain cleaners utilize very corrosive agents to “eat” through the junk, including the clog. While this does the task, that corrosive material has an equally nasty effect on your plumbing pipes. 

Over time, repeated usage of store-bought drain cleaners diminishes the plumbing pipes, making them more likely to leak and crack. If you depend on store-bought drain cleaners to get rid of your drain blockages, you must repair and replace your drain pipes far more often than you would commonly have to.


Harmful chemicals make up store-bought cleaners. They can pose a threat to the environment and the individual’s health. Chemicals such as sulphuric acid, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium hydroxide are found in store-bought drain cleaners. 

The fundamental function of these chemicals is to eat away whatever is resulting in the blockage in the drain. It can go to the water treatment factories. These could pose a great danger to the homeowner and other people whose water comes from the water treatment plants.

Water treatment plants are designed to filter dangerous substances; they are not intended to screen chemicals found in drain cleaners.

Professional Drain Cleaning

Experienced plumber Kansas City KS, knows the problems with corrosive drain cleaners, so they don’t utilize them. Rather, they use two different drain cleaning methods that don’t harm the pipes. One of them is drain snaking, which implicates using an auger on a long cord to drill through the clog. 

Hydro jetting is the second method to fire a high-pressure stream of water down the pipe to remove all the collected waste off of the walls. Both the procedures clean out the drain very well and keep the pipe in good condition.

Store-bought drain cleaners can be a quick fix, but they mostly result in causing more problems leaving you in jeopardy. Here at Delta T Heating and Cooling, one of the best plumbing companies Kansas Citywe prefer to go with solutions that maintain the quality of the pipe, like drain snaking and hydro jetting. 

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