Furnaces can cause trouble with problems like poor indoor air quality, high energy bills, and hot and cold pockets. Irrespective of the issue, their common consequence is poor heating efficiency, which decreases comfort.

You should contact an HVAC companies near me if your HVAC appliances are giving you trouble. One problem that can affect the heating efficiency of your furnace and your peaceful environment is a loud banging noise from the system. This type of noise can signify different problems, so you should consult a professional if this noise does not go after two days.

Reasons for this noise

You should contact a technician who provides furnace replacement in Kansas City, KSto fix this problem, and you should also know the basics of this noise. Here are some common reasons why your furnace makes a banging noise while working:

A delayed ignition

If the banging noise comes directly from the furnace, the reason could be delayed ignition. When the ignition gets delayed due to any reason, the gas collected in the combustion chamber makes a loud bang when it ignites.

The possible reasons for late ignition could be low gas pressure, dirty pilot light, and dirty burners. Contact your technician for heating repair in Kansas City, KS, to fix this problem.

Dirty air filters

The air filters of your heating appliances are responsible for purifying your indoor air and maintaining a smooth airflow within the system. Dirty air filters create a negative pressure in the ducts due to less hot air, leading to a banging noise.

Replace your air filters regularly to avoid this issue. Clean air filters ensure your family does not face seasonal allergies and skin irritation. If you want better quality air filters, contact your technician who provides heat pump repair services in Kansas City to know more about them.

Wrong size of the ducts

If the banging noise comes from the ducts, the reason could be the wrong size or foreign objects in the ducts. If the ducts are incompatible with your heating appliance, they will make a banging noise while working. Moreover, unwanted objects like twigs or branches in the ducts will bang around the surface and make a noise.

You should contact an HVAC company near me for a thorough inspection of your ducts. They will confirm whether your ducts are suitable for your heating appliance. They will also remove unwanted objects from the ducts.

Dirt and debris in ducts

Similar to unwanted objects, debris and dirt can also create a banging noise if present in the ducts. Moreover, you can face problems like poor indoor air quality as the dirt present in the ducts will reach your home.

If you can, you should try to clean your ducts and heating appliance at least once a month. Or else you can contact a professional technician who provides heating services in Kansas City, KS, to complete it for you.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a reputable company that provides high-quality heat pump repair in Kansas City, contact Delta T. With our latest tools and industry knowledge, you will receive the best services at affordable prices.

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