What Happens During An Air Conditioning Repair Service?

What Can You Expect During An Air Conditioning Repair Service?

A modern Air Conditioner has a life of 15-20 years; in all these years of service, it is necessary to get your AC repaired at regular intervals, usually once a year. And if you live in the hot and humid city of Kansas, where AC is a large part of lifestyle and comfort, it becomes more critical. But what does an air conditioner repair in Kansas City include? That’s precisely what we are going to talk about in this article! Read on to know.

Cleaning And Checking Up

While working, the AC takes in the dust in the atmosphere, and it gets deposited in the pipes/tubes inside the unit, which can lead to water leakage. These leakages are the first thing technicians inspect in a unit; the deposited dust and debris are cleaned to fix this.

Cleaning Fin and Air Filter

Fin allows the air to flow smoothly throughout the unit and a filter’s job is to keep the air clean by catching pollutants. However, the deposition of mold and debris can lead to ice formation. That’s why it is necessary to clean the fan and filters so that the unit works efficiently.

The Evaporator And Condenser Coils Are Cleaning

The evaporator coils collect the heat from the indoor, and the condenser coils let this heat out. This function is crucial to the proper functioning of the entire AC unit, and it can’t be done correctly if the coils are jammed with dust and debris. Therefore, other essential AC fans are also cleaned in an AC tune-up in Kansas City, KS.

Testing Coolant Level

A coolant takes away the heat from the refrigerated area and produces a cooling effect. A drop in the coolant level, lower than the average level, affects the overall cooling and may cause your AC to stop.

Cleaning Condensate Pan

The moisture from the evaporator coils is collected in the condensate pan, then removed by a drain. This can sometimes lead to clogging if it is not appropriately cleaned at regular intervals.

Checking The Thermostat

A thermostat maintains the temperature and makes sure that your home gets the perfect cooling experience. These are usually of two kinds – Electronic and Electromechanical. If your thermostat keeps switching on and off or shows incorrect readings, or is old, then it may require servicing. If you need AC replacement in Kansas City, contact us.

All-Around Inspection

All around inspection includes checking all the other components and devices that contribute to the proper functioning of an AC unit. This includes:

  1. Inspection of and fixing all the faulty electric connections, writings, switches, capacitors, and relays.
  2. Lubricating and cleaning the motors and fans.
  3. Efficiency and safety checks.

AC repairing usually takes a couple of hours, which can make your AC more efficient. To ensure this, you need only the best AC service in Kansas City, KS. Delta T Heating and Cooling are perfect for your AC! We provide the best customer service at reasonable prices. Contact us (913) 687-1494 or drop a mail at [email protected] to avail of a service. 

Eight Reasons Why There Isn’t Enough Airflow From Your A/C

When the temperature is warm, homeowners understand how important it is to have a functioning air conditioner. So, what should you do if your air conditioner stops working unexpectedly? Airflow difficulties are one of the most typical HVAC difficulties. You will have to call for an AC service in Kansas City, KS.

Listed below are symptoms of a failing AC: 

  • There are hot and chilly areas.
  • Unbalanced pressure.
  • There is no air coming out.
  • The air conditioner blows warm air.

Following Factors Could Be The Reason For Low Airflow  

  • Obstructed Condenser Unit

A condensing unit normally placed outdoors or in a wiring closet is used in air-cooled air conditioning systems. Leaves and trash that have gathered around the unit might impede outdoor units in particular. When there isn’t enough ventilation in the air conditioning unit, your system might overheat.

  • Duct Leaks

Your HVAC system should be tightly enclosed, with the outputs and outlets around your home serving as the only points of entry and escape. You begin to leak air and lose airflow when your valves are broken by holes, spaces in fittings, and other failures. This makes it more difficult for air to pass through the system. Make an appointment for air conditioner repair in Kansas City to assist you.

  • Dirty filters

That filter has a vital role: it filters the air and keeps dust particles out of your equipment and ducting. If a clogged filter obstructs your HVAC airflow, you’ll notice hot and cold areas and stuffy air. Debris in the apparatus can also cause harm to components.

  • Thermostat issues

HVAC airflow issues can sometimes be caused by anything as simple as a broken thermostat, which will require AC service in Kansas City, KS. Make certain the air conditioner is set to a lower temperature than the inside temperature.

  • Broken fan

Blower fans in your HVAC system transport air down your ducts and across your area. The fan can get covered with filth in some circumstances, slowing the operation and reducing airflow. Fortunately, cleaning the fan is a simple task. If you want to go for a new AC installation in Kansas City, contact us.

  • Unclean coils

The condenser coil on your ac unit does another important job: it releases the heat that has been extracted from your room. Because the coil is part of the outside unit and is subject to the weather, it might get so filthy that it can no longer emit heat.

  • Low refrigerant

Among the most prevalent issues with HVAC systems, particularly older ones that haven’t had enough AC tune-up in Kansas City, KS is this. You’ll notice airflow concerns as well as lower conditioning if your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant. To get things back up and running, your HVAC professional can check for leaks and repair them.

  • Outdated system

The age factor also contributes to how your AC functions. If your AC is older than 12-15 years, depending on how well you’ve kept it with AC tune-up it is bound to go off.

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Why An Electrical Panel Replacement Is Worth It

Once an electrical panel that has been installed in your house gets old, the thought of upgrading or replacing it is a lingering one. But this is not easy on the pocket. There is always a certain hesitation about the replacement being worth the cost. If you are contemplating the same, you’re in luck! You can go through this article and then make up your mind accordingly.

Looking for an electrician in Kansas CityDelta T Heating and Cooling provide the best and most efficient services in the entirety of Kansas City. With affordable packages and only the best professional technicians working in and around your home, rest assured you can leave your house repairs duties in our hands.

Is an upgrade or replacement worth it?

As you look at upgrading your electrical panel, you’re often in doubt due to the high costs. The cost of upgrading an electrical panel is not pocket-friendly at all. The overall cost of replacing the electrical panel is also extremely expensive. But it is the need of the hour. Here’s why:

A heavier load capacity is needed in modern homes

If your home is older, there is a high chance that electric-powered devices and appliances that are more than the standard when the house was originally built are currently used. So, your house’s electrical system may have problems with a heavier load that is caused due to these electric devices or appliances. A heavier than normal load will cause your breakers to trip frequently while using your appliances or devices and prevent you from using your electrical appliances with ease.

Protection from unwarranted electrical fires

An old electrical panel puts you and your family at a higher risk of getting caught in an electrical fire. Your house can be in danger in such cases. An electrical fire, while causing deaths, can also ruin your house and put all your belongings at extreme risk. Replacing your outdated electrical panel is the smart thing to do. While doing so, a thorough check must also be done of the entire house’s wiring so that your house’s electrical system is completely safe.

A better electrical panel increases the resale value of your home

Increasing and maintaining the value of your house is every single homeowner’s priority. Upgrading the electrical panel of your house boosts the value of your house and makes it more appealing. If you decide to put your house on the market for sale, this upgrade could help you get a good amount for your house. An upgraded electrical panel will help you boost the sales of your house if you decide on selling it in the future.

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5 Common Springtime AC Problems

Spring is almost around the corner. After a long break, it’s time for your AC to start working non-stop again. While you might be lucky that it still works without a hassle, there is a good chance that it may face some issues after being idle for so long. So, it’s better to get a maintenance check and make sure that your AC is working fine and let professional technicians help you out with your air conditioner repair in Kansas City.

Most Common Springtime AC Problems

Spring brings in several issues with your air conditioning unit. Here 5 of the most common springtime problems that may crop up:

  • Dirty air filter

Air filters must be cleaned or replaced at least every two months, depending on your model and usage. A dirty air filter can cause a lot of problems like restricted airflow, low cooling, high power usage, unusual buzzing, and even a bad smell.

  • Refrigerant leak

The simplest way to pick out a refrigerant leak is when your air conditioner is just blowing air without cooling it. This is a serious issue if not dealt with immediately. Apart from causing high electricity bills, low cooling, and damaging your AC, refrigerant gases can also be harmful for the health of your family. It is important to call an expert for AC tune-up in Kansas City to make your necessary changes done.

  • Thermostat fault

When the season changes, sometimes the thermostat setting has to be changed from heating to a cooling mode. Even if it is an automatic thermostat and your home temperature still feels uncomfortable, there may be some issues. You could try and recalibrate it using the manufacturer’s instruction manual. If the problem persists, contact experts for AC installation in Kansas City.

  • Air leak

Heavy winter conditions tend to create duct leaks that result in the leaking of cooled air. This could be due to the crack in your windows or doors that can cause cool air to leak outside. You will technically be paying for cooling the outside of your home. Make sure to seal these gaps using sealant or weather stripping to save your money.

  • Clogged drain pipe

Your AC cools humid air from the outside and separates the moisture before it enters your home. This moisture goes out through the drain pipe. Since your AC is out for a long time, things like algae or dust particles get settled. Make sure to contact Delta T Heating and Cooling, the best AC repair for required services.

While these are the most common issues you may face after restarting your AC after a long time, these are not the only ones. For the safety of your air conditioner, we highly recommend you get a maintenance check before turning on your air conditioner. If you ever doubt that your AC is leaking refrigerant, contact Delta T Heating and Cooling services for AC repair.

For all your HVAC needs, reach out at Delta T, the most reliable AC service in Kansas City, KS. Contact us by calling at (913)687-1494 for more details.